Take a look at some of America’s top earnes and biggest businesses:

America’s Richest People by Net worth – Forbes

Top 5 Wealthiest People in the U.S.

  1.  Bill Gates, 55, Washington, Microsoft $59 billion, #2 in the world
  2.  Warren Buffet, 8, Nebraska, Berkshire Hathaway $58 billion, #3 in the world
  3. Larry Ellison, 67, California, Oracle $33 billion, #5 in the world
  4. Charles Koch, Kansas $25 billion and
    David Koch, New York, $25 billion, #18 in the world
  5. Christy Walton, 56, Wyoming Wal-Mart $24.5 billion, #10 in the world

10. Alice Walton, 61, Wal-Mart, Fort Worth, Texas, $20.9 billion, #21 in the world

The wealthiest people in Texas include heiress Alice Walton, Dell Computers founder Michael Dell whoses sales were $61.5 billion this year.

Top Texas Billionaires, ranked worldwide

  1.  Fort Worth – #21 Alice Walton, $20.9 billion, #12 in U.S.
  2. Austin – #44 Michael Dell, $15 billion, #19 in U.S.
  3. Houston – #128 Richard Kinder, $6.4 billion, #41 in U.S.
  4. Dallas – #139 Harold Simmons, $9.3 billion, #59 in U.S.
  5. Dallas – #149 Andrew Beal, $7 billion, #50 in U.S.

Top 5 Wealthiest in Hollywood – Vanity Fair – 2010 earnings

  1.  James Cameron, director $257 million, Avatar
  2.  Johnny Depp, actor $100 million, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Carribean
  3.  Steven Spielberg, $80 million, War Horse
  4.  Christopher Nolan, $71.5 million, Inception
  5. Leonardo Dicaprio, $62 million, Inception

World’s Biggest Public Companies, ranked by sales

  1. JPMorgan Chase, U.S. $182 billion market value
  2. HSBC Holdings, United Kingdom, $186 billion market value
  3. General Electric, U.S., $216 billion market value
  4. ExxonMobil, U.S. $407.2 billion market value
  5. Royal Dutch Shell, Netherlands, $212.9 billion  market value

Biggest in Texas

  1. ExxonMobil, $341.6 billion sales, $30.5 billion profits, CEO Rex Tillerson
  2. AT&T, $124.3 billion sales, $19.9 billion profits, CEO Randall Stephenson
  3. ConocoPhillips, $175.8 billion sales, $11.4 billion profits, CEO James Mulva
  4. Marathon Oil, $67.1 billion sales, $2.61 billion profits, CEO Clarence Cazelot, Jr.
  5. Dell, $61.5 billion sales, $2.6 billion profits, CEO Michael Dell

Source: Forbes, Vanity Fair


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Romulus to Ream Us?

Donald Trump worth $2.9 billion dollars, endorsed Mitt Romney today, making us wonder if all that cash has gone to his head. After reading the Donald’s tweets, though, we can see he does not have a lot of sympathy for the poor and those on social welfare. Romney’s goals are to keep the uber rich rich, and cut taxes for big corporations: crony capitalism at its finest. Romney’s platform includes claims that he is family oriented, can increase jobs, and spread equality in employment and civil life. But do his campaign promises hold true to his record? Read on to see some of his basic statements, and below to see some of the wealthiest people and groups who might benefit, should his tax plan prosper. And P.S. even if you’re atheist, Romney can convert you to Mormonism.

Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping, ultra conservative, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-nature, anti-animal, bigoted illogical views:

Destroy the Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with oil drilling
Abstinence only education
Anti-Abortion Activism. He wants to make abortion illegal, yet in the past supported a woman’s right to choose.
Abstinence=don’t know how sex works, when you get pregnant, you have no options
Instead, why don’t you support medically accurate and socially appropriate health education for all aspects of children and young adult health and well being?
Charter schools and vouchers, more standardized testing. Solve the problem by testing children on information that they have not learned so they cannot graduate!
Recognizing the ‘Creator’ in public school functions
Does not want to ‘unfairly penalize’ employers when they discriminate against women and other minorities
Marriage – said he supports lesbians and gay rights for all to have rights in a domestic partnership, and that it is important to become married before having children
Does not support gay marriage or a civil union because he is ‘old-fashioned’ i.e. bigoted
‘Blaming the Wall Street bankers is the wrong way to go’
Doesn’t think the government should ‘bail out’ home purchasers, but does not want to blame the government’s pressure of Wall Street to lend to unqualified candidates, and then allow the government to back the loans
Wants to guarantee the auto industry with federally backed loans
Against stem cell research with federal funds, even though he thinks stem cell research is ethical
Doesn’t like big jumps in the minimum wage – because $7.25 an hour, or 12 cents a minute, seems fair to make someone cook. Why don’t you give your wife $7.25 the next time she makes you a hamburger and fries (but tell her she actually has to make 300 of them)

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